Energy Saving Solutions USA’s Founder & CEO Peter Stein is an admitted news junkie, but it seems he’s been an especially keen observer of late.

As his Miami-based company prepares to launch its most important product to date – the Forever LED Light – Stein has dutifully taken note of the many cities around the country who are converting to LED lights in an effort to save money and the environment.

“It appears that every day there are a handful of cities, towns and municipalities around the United States who are making the move to LEDs,” said Stein, who oversees a fast growing company that designs, manufactures and sells LED lighting to commercial properties at zero upfront cost.

“With our soon-to-be launched Forever LED Light, we are now able to offer to cities and municipalities the first-ever full line of LEDs – including roadway lighting fixtures that are guaranteed for life.”

The Forever LED Light will be the first LED light offered with a lifetime guarantee. The product line will be exclusively administered by McCusker & Company and backed by Service USA, which are world class warranty and service providers out of Dallas.

McCusker & Company and Service USA are true leaders in developing innovative solutions for warranty administration and support services worldwide.

Cities that have recently made moves to LED lights include Oak Ridge, Tenn., Oakland, Calif. and Los Angeles. Relative to LA, the city swapped out 140,000 street lights for LEDs and expects to save about $10 million annually.

“Think about this for a second – if a city like LA decided upon the Forever LED Light, that $10 million savings annually would swell considerably,” said Stein. “Once swapped out, the changing of lights is over and done with. There would be no further need to get the ladder out. And, if in the very remote chance a light does need to be changed, it’s 100 percent covered with no additional cost.”

As the Forever LED Light launch looms in the next couple of weeks, Stein said he would welcome interaction with any city, town or municipality to discuss its LED lighting needs.

“While some have already made the move – and we applaud them for doing so given the environmental impact – I’m confident there are many more out there considering this option,” said Stein. “We are available any time to discuss how we can help.”

Energy Saving Solutions USA – the creators of the LED with a lifetime guarantee – provides businesses, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations energy-efficient LED and induction lighting technology that is designed to save money and help reduce the environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions. The Miami, Fla.-based company also offers organizations the Forever Green Savings Program  which allows for a conversion to LEDs with no up-front costs; payments are based on a portion of their electrical savings. More information about the program is available on the web site at


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