There was a huge increase in installations of feed-in tariff-linked solar PV systems in Britain during June 2013. 64.4MW of PV were installed over a four-week period from 3 June to 30 June, according to figures supplied by Decc.

That is over double the 30.7 MW installed over the previous four-week period.

As prices have come down, the number of installations has increased throughout 2013, with 215MW installed in the first six months of the year.

Even so, there is no denying that the upfront investment is high. For those in charge of commercial and domestic environments, there is a wide choice of much easier ways to reduce a carbon footprint and see drastic reductions in energy bills.

According to Steven Ellwood, managing director of lighting provider BLT Direct, switching conventional lights for LEDs can provide a quicker, more reliable and higher return on investment than installing PV solar, since it is so easy and prices of these units are also tumbling.

They fell by 1% on the global market in the same month, June.

"Energy-saving lighting solutions are a much faster and more convenient way to give a home or business an eco-friendly twist," says Ellwood. "They are easy to install, they start making savings immediately, and there is not a huge initial outlay to add them to a home or commercial environment."

The vast majority of the energy-saving LED lighting solutions that are on the market nowadays have bases which are compatible with existing fittings in many buildings.

Often it is just a case of simply replacing the old bulbs or strip lights. However, it is recommended that reputable installers and brands are used, since some products now available are of poor quality.

Even 'feature lighting', such as those commonly reserved for high energy-using halogens, are available in LED fittings, reducing energy usage by around four-fifths or 80%.

Although more expensive, LEDs can pay for themselves through the energy saved within six to nine months.

These bulbs also have much longer lifespans, meaning that once installed, they immediately begin to save money and contribute towards helping the environment for many years at any time of the day or night, says Ellwood.

Moreover, he adds that they also make a good companion to solar panels, since they reduce overall electricity requirements, meaning that the electricity from the panels will go further.

The San Diego-based business provides complete LED lighting systems for any application. Its assortment includes indoor items like under cabinet lighting and LED strip lights, and outdoor products like landscape lighting and outdoor fixtures, along with all suitable accessories, dimmers, controllers, power supplies and other components. Inventory and product recommendations for specific projects are based on in-house testing and staff experience, the company said.

"Specialty Electronics Nationwide is pleased to welcome Environmental Lights to our vendor community," said executive director Jeannette Howe.

Environmental Lights' sales manager Jordan Brooks added that the company "is honored to be a part of the Nationwide Marketing Group" and is "looking forward to providing SEN and traditional Nationwide members with high-quality LED lighting systems."

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