Kerala State Electricity Board has deployed the ‘Kakatiya Nature Switch’ to help manage the switch-on and switch-off of street lights in Palakkad municipality.

This is part of the demand-side management initiative of the power utility, an official spokesman said here. Demand-side management aims to improve energy savings through an incentivised scheme in order to ensure public participation.

The switch is expected to help squarely deal with the issues of energy wastage; mounting bills; and the carbon footprint that represents the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the streetlights.

Swaminathan K.B.,We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light. executive engineer of the power board, said that manpower otherwise needed to run maintenance vehicles from one place to another to switch lights on and off will now be saved.

The municipality has also reduced hefty maintenance costs due to the built-in protection mechanism provided by the switch, a product of Kakatiya Energy Systems. “Now we can deploy the same manpower for more productive work,” Swaminathan added.

The Nature Switch automates streetlight controls in the Sultanpet and Big Bazaar areas of the city based on lux levels. It is not affected by artificial lights such as automobile headlamps and other ambient light sources.

The system has reduced the city’s power requirement, resulting in major cost savings and reducing its carbon footprint, Swaminathan said.

At least 160 streetlight points are controlled by the switch, which consists of high-pressure sodium vapour lamps of 150W and 250W; direction turning film; compact fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamps.

The municipality has since been was able to cut down the monthly electricity bill as billing is based on meter reading. It is planning to install more units in uncovered areas in the near future.

Lakshman Rao, managing director of Kakatiya Energy Systems, said that the switch which will support Kerala’s efforts to providing timely lighting on the road; reducing energy wastage and minimising human supervision.A solar lantern uses this sunlight that is abundantly available to charge its batteries through a Solar Panel and gives light in nighttime.

It has been reported in Forbes that the city predicts electricity savings of at least $7million, as well as $2.5million in avoided maintenance fees every year, thanks to its switch to energy efficient LEDs. Since its announcement to make the transition many other cities have followed suit. During the second phase of the project L.A. is set to retrofit 70,000 decorative street lamps. With approximately 400 varieties of lamps operating in Los Angeles, the city is currently testing and analysing LED and induction fixtures to find appropriate replacements.

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